Monday, November 16, 2009

first fuzzy drawings

My first attempts in this new style are dated November 15, 2009 and what i explore at this stage is the level of stylization I deal with. From pure fuzzy realism I move towards a more suggestive form of retaining a few elements of realism as clues to the piece.

wet version of watercolor pencils on drawing pad 9x12in.Still life with teapot, roships and lemons.

watercolor pencils dry

crayola crayons on canvaskin

this collage is an idea to keep a few elements of realism as clues to the art piece.

bowl of apricots

geranium pot


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  2. Amazing style! Great work, Elena!
    Can you tell me which brand of watercolor pencils do you use? I find my cretacolors very hard and difficult to blend with the water...